Why I Love Darkness




I love darkness more than I love light because every dark night has a dawn; and for me darkness leads towards light in the end. So yes, darkness fascinates me. Everything that appears dark has a bright side to it and every bright thing has a dark side to it. It makes me think about all the possibilities in a given scenario. It enhances my imagination and quenches my curiosity to search for more.

Indeed it is human nature to ‘fear the unknown’ and yet again mankind is curious. Have you ever wondered why in all dark movies, people are shown to chase strange noises or dark rooms? Yes, that is indeed in the nature of mankind; we are afraid of the dark yet we would remain curious to find out what’s being kept in the dark.  Darkness makes you wander into the world of imagination; into the world of myths and what’s beyond the unseen. The greatest discoveries have been out of darkness.

I am not afraid of the dark that is why I chase it. I chase it till the end where there is light. It also makes me look at the darker, gloomier reality of life and that’s what makes me more strong and steadfast. When something troubles me or I am faced with a difficulty I make myself believe that its soon going to be over. I keep telling myself it will be okay. Why? Because I know that “every dark night has a dawn” and I would wake up to that dawn. On the other hand, I remind myself of the sorrows faced by other people and I console myself that my agony is much smaller than theirs. This is how I see the bright side of the situation. I believe this is also explained as ‘Optimism’; when a glass half empty is seen as half glass full.

I know people who have had bitter experiences in life and they remain aloof from public. They lock themselves in their rooms with dark, gloomy music playing all the time and they choose not to face the stark realities of life. There is nothing wrong with remaining in the darkness for sometime only to regain composure; but letting it have a negative impact on you is not favorable.

When I’m low is use dark songs and dark music and a little bit of darkness in my room only to meditate and let my tears flow so that all the negativity is washed out. Then I switch on the lights, change the music to some pop and I actually feel good.

I do not associate darkness with sadness and loss of hope, I only think of it as a passing, temporary phase that would be followed by some good news coming my way. In the whole process I only become stronger and my soul revitalizes too. So for me, darkness brings hope and keeps me going. All is well that ends well; it is not necessary that all is well if it stays well throughout.


3 thoughts on “Why I Love Darkness

  1. I like the darkness… but it depends. I like the night because it is peaceful, but I like seeing the lights in the darkness.

    1. Indeed the night is calm and lights look much beautiful at night; I enjoy moonlight when its completely dark around. It has a soothing effect. Try it sometime:)

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