Home based business – Wedding Planner

Wedding planners organise the decor

The recent bollywood hit ‘Band Baja Baraat’ truly is an inspiration for those who want to start their home based business as wedding planners. If you wish to earn income at home with your own home-based business then here is a wonderful idea. You could start with planning a wedding. It has always been, still is and will always be a need among people to have someone who can arrange the whole event for them. Well, this segment does not really need to create a demand for; it is already there.


Starting out as a wedding planner asks for creativity, innovation and that stylish touch. It is up to you as to what services you want to include in your package. So you decide the product/service and the pricing accordingly if you are to earn a success-guaranteed income at home.

You really do not need to set up a big office for this business as you can do with a single room office as well. Just decorate it with an artistic touch so that visitors and potential clients can appreciate your aesthetic sense.

Here are a few things that a wedding planner does:

–          Arrange for the wedding apparel

–          Arrange for the wedding ring

–          Arrange for the venue and decoration

–          Take care of the guest list and menu

–          Photography coverage for the couple

–          Arrangements for the honeymoon (an additional feature)

It is easy to earn income at home; but it is not easy to make everyone happy on an occasion such as wedding. There will be too many people involved including the couple and their families. You have to be considerate of the likes and dislikes of most of the people which is of course a challenge.

A wedding planner needs to offer something unique which another wedding planner is not offering to make more people choose them over their competitor. Therefore you need to constantly keep an eye on what others are doing in the market. For larger income at home, you need to work hard to create an exceptional experience for the couple and their families. You will become popular and your service will sell only through word of mouth.

So, if you have to pursue your dream of having your own business and making income at home then leap forward and pick wedding planner business. You will not regret your choice.

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