Video: Why you shouldn’t care about securing the Internet of things just yet


Does thinking about privacy and security at the developing states of the internet of things hinder innovators’ ability to build an open system? That’s one of several questions that Usman Haque of Cosm asks in his presentation from the GigaOM internet of things meetup we did last week in San Francisco.

In his presentation Haque notes that we tend to think about the internet of things as already here, but just because something is connected to the internet, doesn’t mean it’s truly part of an internet of things with all of the openness and opportunity that might connote. Instead he presents some fears about what might derail the opportunity the internet of things represents. It’s a funny and thought-provoking talk that imagines a business model for the internet of things that relies on sharing revenue and open data.

We’ll be running videos of the other presenters from our San Francisco…

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