Expeditions to the Northern Areas with friends


The hills of Nathia Gali up north of Pakistan are a site must-see and a place that brings to closer to mother nature. The advent of technology has enabled man establish paths between the toughest and tallest of mountains; drive your way up to these beautiful hills and enjoy awesome, breathtaking scenery.

My friends and I decided to take a quick trip to these lovely hills over a long weekend; all of us needed a break and we packed our bags and headed straight to the Hills of Nathia Galli.

Driving up the hills we met with troops of monkeys at almost each curve of the road. Tourists and visitors were gathered around them to feed them with corn, a packet of Lays chips and even Juices. These monkeys were distinct really and very responsive indeed.



It was almost afternoon when we reached the best resorts of Nathia Gali – The Green Retreat & Summer Retreat. These resorts host well furnished guest rooms with necessities like the water heating geyser; you cannot imagine touching the ice-cold water that flows through the taps! We had hardly moved into out suites when it started raining followed by hailstorm. The sight was amazing.

After the rain washed out we ordered Hot French Fries with Tea & Coffee and enjoyed our snacks outside our rooms. The weather got colder after the rain and we felt like we were sitting amidst the clouds.

Sitting amidst clouds
Sitting amidst clouds

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