Pakistan Elections -2013


Anticipated Elections 2013 in Pakistan are indeed the headline of news around the world. The five-year democratic Government has completed its regime and now it’s time for free and fair elections. Unlike previous years, this year dawned with a more aware population who feel more responsible towards voting and they want to improve the conditions of their country. Overseas Pakistani are also flocking to the country only to cast their votes and this is really encouraging.

There is hope of improving and rebuilding the tarnished image of the country which has developed in past years. Current trends show that a huge population comprising mainly of youth is inclined towards Imran Khan (leader of political party and the most popular Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team). He has come forward with the manifesto of uplifting the country’s economic situation and to gain Pakistan its lost pride.

A lot of unexpected events and results are expected this year upon Elections in Pakistan. Let us wish the countrymen all the very best and hope they are successful in gaining back the Proud Pakistan which was founded by one of World’s greatest leaders, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


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