How Not To Let People Walk All Over You

Indeed a wonderful post! Wear your own attitude, just be yourself; those meaning to be in your life will come and stay while the unnecessary would filter away.

Thought Catalog

Co-authored by Payal Shah and Nainika Agrawal.

It’s really easy to lose yourself to the people around you. Maybe you’re the one who stops studying the day before your final exam because your best friend has boy trouble and NEEDS to vent about what an asshole he is. Or the one who’ll trudge it up to the residence hall a mile away because the cute boy in your Psych 101 class said he needs notes for the quiz that’s in two hours. Let’s face it; we’ve all had those moments where we let people treat us like a bathmat when we really don’t deserve it. Though it’s not always conscious, it can still make you feel your worst. I’ve faced this problem to an almost crazy extent, and getting out of that phase took a lot of working on my basics. Here are a few things I learned during my…

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