Vote with Unity, Faith & Discipline

This year Pakistan has seen the unusual and youthful colors of elections like never before. It is because a layer of awareness and responsibility has swept among the citizens of Pakistan; from young to the old, our souls are in agony and hearts bleed for change. A change to revive ‘Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan of 1947’ and a desire to earn back our lost pride. Quaid freed us but we have again fallen slaves at the hands of politicians in the name of imaginary democracy. Who wouldn’t want to earn a respectable education from their own country and be proud of it? Who wouldn’t want to have a decent means of earning in their own country without having to abandon their families? Who wouldn’t want to leave in a country that allows freedom of Religion, protection to minorities, rights to basic necessities (water, electricity, food, clothing, house). For sake of such a nation; PLEASE VOTE!1

‘Proud Pakistani’ is only a faint slogan from my childhood but the last decade of dirty politics has completely smothered this voice. This is our chance to fight back our ‘true freedom’ and recreate the nation so self-sufficient in every resource; Pakistan. For sake of Pakistan; PLEASE VOTE! We all have witnessed only One Leader and One Party speaking about this while the rest talk about material gains (May Allah protect him from all harm and give him strength and will to lead us).


11th MAY is the day! To make all the dreams and aspirations true we need to leave the comfort of our houses in this heat and go vote! That is the time to be practical about all we have been saying, sharing and promoting on social media. Make an effort to take your neighbors along for voting. You plan group activities with your friends for leisure but do it this time for your country and future generations. For the sake of Pakistanis; PLEASE VOTE!!! And let’s do it with Unity, Faith & Discipline.


2 thoughts on “Vote with Unity, Faith & Discipline

  1. I dont know when will our nation start thinking in such a way. However i hope that PTI clean sweeps in the upcoming elections InshAllah because this may be our last chance to recover our honor and dignity by electing someone who is educated enough and has the mindset to eliminate the patwari system of Pakistan. I think his 5 years would be enough to clear up our reputation in the international community. Imran Khan Zindabad!

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