When Politicians endanger wildlife for their campaigns & KILL them

Wednesday, 8th May 2013: A white tiger used by the Pakistan Maryam Nawaz of Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to demonstrate the party’s might in its election campaign died during a rally. The tiger was taken unconscious to the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences on Tuesday evening and the vets tried to save the poor creature but the heat stroke took its life.

Isn’t it truly a sign of heartlessness and cruelty? Does it really make any sense to bring out animals like this to boast of your status quo and not thinking what effect it could have on the poor life? Did this lady not think for a split second that the scorching May heat has always reported to affect human and wildlife equally then how could she take it for granted that the white tiger would survive; what exactly was she thinking? She seems to be an educated individual and belongs to a so called educated family as well but it is surprising that the thought never hit her or her clan to not play such a ‘stunt’ risking an innocent life!


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