Elections in Pakistan 2013 – The results

After the Pakistani Government completed its five year term; the general elections took place across Pakistan on May 11th, 2013. These elections were supervised by the Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP) under ownership of Fakhruddin Ibrahim, Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan.  The people of Pakistan were promised systematic, free and fair elections across Pakistan and they were encouraged to forsake the comfort of their homes and cast their vote.

Pakistani people, the educated ones and those suffering at the hands of the corrupt political system came out to vote for a change. They all came out to vote in aspiration of a great revolution to rule out the traditional political parties and bring in a government that would support a vision for better (Naya) Pakistan.  Voter turnout this year was above 60% and the voter population included the old and the young, women and children, patients from hospital, brides and grooms from their wedding and they all came out to vote for the new vision that rejected the concept of inherited politics. This new breed of people were all under the flag of a persistent political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf(PTI) led by the relentless leader, Imran Khan who is also the former captain of Pakistan Cricket Team and founder of Shaukat Khanum Hospital, the largest Cancer Hospital and Research Institute in Lahore.


The way the population of Pakistan had come out to vote was commendable and the only expected party to win was PTI. Few hours before the polling ended, media shared the news of complaints being received from various parts of the country. At first the ECP remained silent but upon pressure from affected parties, they had to extend the poling time for few hours and also had to issue re-election orders in few areas of Karachi. This was not enough to evade the various types of rigging going on, toppled with management issues of ECP.

The initial results from across the major constituencies were in favor of PTI and were pleasing for the majority; gradually the results became shocking and rather disgusting. The scores of the winning party PML-Nawaz League was three-fold the scores of earlier winning PTI.  Many people I know were Polling Agents on the day of Elections and they had witnessed the impressive number of votes won by Imran Khan’s Party and they were shocked to see the declared results which were a complete opposite of what they had compiled.

This has left the class of people envisioning ‘Naya Pakistan’ in a state of devastation and rebellion because they are intelligent enough to know something HUGE has gone wrong. They do not wish to be ruled by the traditional parties anymore who have had their turns to prove themselves and they had repeatedly proved that they should never be trusted again. There are countrywide protests now going on not only by PTI and its supporters but also by a large number of people who have united with them only to raise voice against the bully of politicians, mismanagement of the ECP to conduct transparent, unbiased elections and the massive rigging across the major constituencies comprising Punjab and Karachi. People have now awakened to sense their responsibilities as a citizen and their rights in selecting a mandate. They now feel betrayed by the authorities and indeed are surer of the fact that they were being deceived earlier too. I sincerely hope that these protests do put the guilty to trial and the deserving ones win the rightful mandate.



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