Everyday is Mother’s Day



Every year I celebrate Mother’s Day in a very special way to make it a memorable occasion for my Mom but this year my feelings were different. I thought to myself why we celebrate it just once in a year; isn’t it her day everyday? She wakes up with the thoughts of her children and spends the entire day making preparations for them.

She runs around the house cooking, doing the dishes or guiding the maid how to finish the chores. All the while she is doing the house job she won’t feel tired for a split second and she doesn’t even complain about it to anyone. Her children come back home from work, some would greet their mothers cheerfully with a hug and a smile while others are just too tired to even say a straight hello. That’ what she gets for giving an entire day of her life to you!

Mothers are a gem and they make us who we become. Without her, you wouldn’t be standing on your feet because she taught you how to walk. These are my thoughts on a Mother’s Day; we should also make an effort to make every day of her life a memorable one. I would love to welcome your thoughts on my post and on Mother’s Day; share your comments.



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