Nature’s has its way….


Nature has its way to show us that nothing remains constant; take the weather for example. It could be a 48 degree temperature with blazing sun and in no time wind starts to blow, dark clouds cover the sky and heavy rain starts pouring. 

As I stood in the rain, absorbing the feel of it; i wondered what an amazing way it is of God to remind us that nothing lasts forever. Every night has a day, every day has a night; every failure is followed by victory and all we got to do is remain persistent and have faith. I had been upset about few things only some moments ago; bad day at work, friends’ dishonesty  (the list is long) but the rain seemed to wash away the heaviness. It was like a comfort note from God telling me to cheer up I guess:) 

Turbulences in life are only to prepare us for the worst and polish our personality. I feel gloomy at times about certain experiences in life or something that is just not going my way ; but that is the time to remember …”This too shall pass”.