Eid Mania

As if the existing hype of superficial and overly priced lawn clothes was not enough; eid lawn mania has taken a dramatic start. Women can be seen wasting hard-earned money on useless clothes only because they are from a certain brand. They care about the brand not because if quality or value for money but because of the mere urge to boast about wearing that brand among their social circle. As I come from the advertising agency I have realised how easy it is to manipulate the minds of such vulnerable customers. And it’s sad that they are easily caught in this vicious circle. God help us.


Fashion in Pakistan – It’s a rat race

7I look around in the city and see a clutter of ads, billboards, shop signs and what not; all communicating one message: SHOP TILL YOU DROP.

Pakistani fashion industry has picked up a rapid pace with the global fashion industry which has taken the country’s name to a visible position globally. However, our designers lack the eye for detail and innovation. You step in a few boutiques and after few seconds you will realize there is a certain similarity in every designer’s work.

People call it trend, I call it ‘duplication’.

What’s in trend is a certain type of attire, say ‘Kurtas’ but it doesn’t necessarily have to have the same design pattern. Fashion is about setting trends not just being a part of the rat race. I see ladies emptying their wallets on ‘brands’ and not the worth of product. Every clothing store that you step in or visit online has the same clutter, the same designs, the same patterns only with changed colors maybe. It has become easy to showcase your work through fashion shows and social media but really, the buyers have lost  the eye for style.

Fashion is about your own style statement not copying the crowd. That’s how major international brands have succeeded and that’s why they are the trend setters.

I wish Pakistani fashion industry a very good luck and I hope they wake up to some innovation, uniqueness and vision!


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