Relationships are important and we need to work on our relationships to strengthen them and most importantly to keep them going. Here are some ways we can keep our relationships working:

• Love each other unconditionally
• Do not lie: honesty is the key
• Keep communication open
• Stay with
• When you get hurt, just forgive and forget: we all make mistakes so we should learn to forgive
others the way we would like them to forgive us.
• Never talk about break-ups: it only brings in insecurity, rivalry and unnecessarily uncomfortable
feelings at either ends
• Never say ‘it’s ok’ if it’s actually not! Talk it out instead.
• If you say Sorry, mean it. Repeating the same mistakes is no excuse.
• Don’t talk about your Ex’s: as I said in the 6th point
• Don’t compare your past to your present. You will never be happy if you do this
• Work on the Give and take process: be fair in giving and taking
• Be aware of his/her feelings: try to understand your partner better in every way possible
• When you have a fight, don’t let a day pass without making things fine. Gaps create further
• Don’t be the perfect one, try and be the RIGHT one


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