Patience is a virtue
People of faith

Eid Mania

As if the existing hype of superficial and overly priced lawn clothes was not enough; eid lawn mania has taken a dramatic start. Women can be seen wasting hard-earned money on useless clothes only because they are from a certain brand. They care about the brand not because if quality or value for money but because of the mere urge to boast about wearing that brand among their social circle. As I come from the advertising agency I have realised how easy it is to manipulate the minds of such vulnerable customers. And it’s sad that they are easily caught in this vicious circle. God help us.

Unconditional Love – all that it takes

 I recently came across a piece of writing that talked about a beautiful concept called the Radical Acceptance as the secret to unconditional love. Many of us give up on love or lose our faith in unconditional love only because we have had bitter experiences but we only take away the tenderness of our hearts if we do that for too long.

 Human beings need affection and the need for love is there for a reason because it keeps us going and teaches us acceptance and empathy. The concept of radical acceptance is based on the presumption that every has flaws; instead of trying to correct your counterpart we should try and see where we are flawed and then learn to accept each other as is.

 Many people. like myself, avoid conflicts and would give in to an argument without communicating our true self. We should communicate and express ourselves but not sweat over finding flaws in others and changing them to our standards of perfection; that to me is not love. Love is unconditional; it is about accepting the beloved ones as a whole, with their flaws and perfections.

 We should just love and everything falls in place with this simple lesson.