Power of Faith & Gratitude

Amazed at the power of faith. People have faith in you, when you have faith in yourself … And within you is your Creator. And You can’t fail when your parents’ prayers are with you. Yet I owe much gratitude to people who encourage and inspire me to grow.


Saaniye-Nafs-e-Payamber (SW)

Saniye-e-Nafs-e-Payamber(SW) Sa Koi Dhoond Ke La,

Ghar Tou Milna He Nahi, Darr Sa Koi Dhoond Ke La,

Ek, Dou, Roz Nahi, Sadiyoun Ki Ijazat Hai Tujh Ko,

Tu Ali (as) Ko Chor, Qalander Sa Koi Dhoond Ke La!!

Why I Love Darkness




I love darkness more than I love light because every dark night has a dawn; and for me darkness leads towards light in the end. So yes, darkness fascinates me. Everything that appears dark has a bright side to it and every bright thing has a dark side to it. It makes me think about all the possibilities in a given scenario. It enhances my imagination and quenches my curiosity to search for more.

Indeed it is human nature to ‘fear the unknown’ and yet again mankind is curious. Have you ever wondered why in all dark movies, people are shown to chase strange noises or dark rooms? Yes, that is indeed in the nature of mankind; we are afraid of the dark yet we would remain curious to find out what’s being kept in the dark.  Darkness makes you wander into the world of imagination; into the world of myths and what’s beyond the unseen. The greatest discoveries have been out of darkness.

I am not afraid of the dark that is why I chase it. I chase it till the end where there is light. It also makes me look at the darker, gloomier reality of life and that’s what makes me more strong and steadfast. When something troubles me or I am faced with a difficulty I make myself believe that its soon going to be over. I keep telling myself it will be okay. Why? Because I know that “every dark night has a dawn” and I would wake up to that dawn. On the other hand, I remind myself of the sorrows faced by other people and I console myself that my agony is much smaller than theirs. This is how I see the bright side of the situation. I believe this is also explained as ‘Optimism’; when a glass half empty is seen as half glass full.

I know people who have had bitter experiences in life and they remain aloof from public. They lock themselves in their rooms with dark, gloomy music playing all the time and they choose not to face the stark realities of life. There is nothing wrong with remaining in the darkness for sometime only to regain composure; but letting it have a negative impact on you is not favorable.

When I’m low is use dark songs and dark music and a little bit of darkness in my room only to meditate and let my tears flow so that all the negativity is washed out. Then I switch on the lights, change the music to some pop and I actually feel good.

I do not associate darkness with sadness and loss of hope, I only think of it as a passing, temporary phase that would be followed by some good news coming my way. In the whole process I only become stronger and my soul revitalizes too. So for me, darkness brings hope and keeps me going. All is well that ends well; it is not necessary that all is well if it stays well throughout.


A Dark Story – The Motel


It was a long weekend so Maria decided to visit the haunted motel on the highway with her friends. A news reporter by profession and an exuberant personality, Maria was always full of life. She had made documentaries in areas where no one else dared to go. Convincing her friends Vania and Sam to accompany her to this adventure was not easy but because she always stood by them, they finally had to give in.

So they hit the road on Friday evening. The drive to the motel was about four hours and the back of the motel was linked to an old village. It was said that whosoever stays in the motel dies mysteriously. It was believed that spirits from the village possessed the highway and the motel at night and they are behind these mysterious deaths. As soon as the motel signboard came into sight, something hit the car windscreen leaving behind a trail of blood drops; Vania maneuvered the steering with great difficulty while the car went spinning on the road, Sam could not stop screaming while Maria was shocked.

The motel itself was surrounded by tall banyan trees and a strange mist around it. It seemed well lit from the road but now it was all dark and gloomy with only one flickering light at the main door. Suddenly they felt a strong chill around and Sam panicked but Maria insisted to go inside. Now they climbed up the entrance step which was a creaking wooden floor, hand in hand.

As they entered, a gush if chill wind hit their faces and a gush of pungent smell could be felt in the air. They held each other’s hands even more tightly.   A tall man with too sharp features and strange eyes, was seated at the greeter with a look that was not so welcoming.  Vania gathered some strength and asked him if they could have a room for staying overnight.   Suddenly they heard a strange, angry voice which scared them and as if the man did not hear it; he pulled out the only key hanging in the shelf and came out of the greeter. With a hand indication, he led them upstairs. They noticed the motel had a gallery with about five rooms on each side and they were led to the last room at the corner. Maria had put on her camera by now which was hidden inside her bag so she could capture everything they come across.

They entered the room and could not stand the smell of fresh blood that came as soon as the man opened the door. The three of them exchanged questioning looks and entered the room. Before they could ask for any room service they saw the door shut behind them. The man was gone. Vania and Sam threw themselves on the bed while Maria lied on the couch placed near the window. She took out her camera to see what had recorded. She was terrified by what she saw. They were not alone even before they entered the motel; someone in a black cloak was walking besides Maria whose face was not captured. There were strange shadows in every nook and corner of the motel, even beside the man at the greeter. Before Maria could speak Vania and Sam could feel the bed move, it was being dragged towards the window; they tried to move but felt as if they were glued to the bed. Maria shouted in panic, “Who is it and what do you want” and the bed became stationary. Now Vania felt someone strangling him but Maria and Sam could not see anyone. Vania started choking and it seemed like something was taking him towards the window; Maria tried to stop Vania but she felt a slap in her face and was thrown back on the couch. And before they could make any further move Vania jumped out of the window.

With tears streaming down her face Maria dragged Sam towards the door and they rushed for the main door.   They came out and found Vania dead on the floor. Sam ran to pull out the car and as he turned on the ignition he heard something hit the car roof. Maria saw a tall, dark shadow on the car that was bending over to reach Sam through the window. Maria ran towards the car and the shadow disappeared; she got and Sam hit the accelerator. They noticed people coming from the village behind the motel. These people looked like the awakened dead. Both of them turned their faces away and didn’t look back until they reached the city.

Maria went into trauma and quit the job; her thirst was adventure was quenched but over their friend’s blood. 

Read more: http://www.loverofdarkness.net/stories/story/7


What makes us listen to Sad Songs?

It is said and believed that music is food for the soul. This is best shown in how we relate to different types of music depending on our mood and our feelings. Our state of mind and state of emotions decide our mood and our choice of music in turn is driven by the mood we are in. I love sad songs because they act as my best friend when I’m feeling sad and low.

With my collection of sad songs, I do not need someone to talk to because these songs become a mirror to my emotions. The lyrics in sad songs when I hear them, it feels like they have been written for me and I can sink deeper into my lonely, sad emotion. Sad songs have a marvelous effect on us. When we are broken and hurt due to whatever reason, sad songs give us an outlet to be on our own and talk to ourselves. It is not however necessary that one should like sad songs only when sad; it is but human to be happy yet listen to a sad song. This is only an indication that we are still human and our feelings have not become numb in this fast paced life; our emotions are still alive. If we are feeling ‘OK’ and suddenly a sad song brings tears to our eyes it is only for us to remember that nothing lasts forever. There is always an end to every beginning and happiness is always followed by sadness, so we should keep our doors open for sadness as well. Pain and misery never knocks before coming neither does an opportunity so we should always be prepared for good and bad times alike.

I may laugh in public, I may fake a smile only not to let anyone else know what I’m going through inside. I love sad songs because they bring out my real emotions and make me weep out my sorrows; my grievances, regrets and tragedies. They remind me of my loved ones that I have lost due to one reason or the other and the emptiness I feel without them. Listening to sad songs not only gives me remembrance of bitter sweet memories but they touch the chords of my heart. At this point I wish to lock myself away from the world because it is this world that has caused me all the pain and grief. Had I not lived I wouldn’t have suffered. So you can see what multiple effects music can have on you.

Sad songs also are a way to melt the toughest of persons and the harshest of emotions.  When we are angry at someone we are rather angry with ourselves; we may shout and yell at them but inside we are shaking. And sad songs have the quality to wash away that harshness in us. Whenever I have had a bad day at work and an argument with a customer or a co-worker; I listen to sad songs on my way back home to soothe and calm my nerves and most of all for the reason so that I may cry and wash out my anger.